The Ancient and Masonic Order of The Scarlet Cord Provincial Grand Senatus of Surrey
Address by the Provincial Grand Summus to the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Senatus

Well Companions of Surrey, we finally made it. There have been many worrying occasions when I thought this meeting would never actually take place other than as a Virtual Business Meeting and although we are a little short on numbers it’s great to be back with face-to-face Freemasonry after two years since our last active Senatus.

My first job is to welcome everyone here this morning and thank you all for attending, especially our Most Distinguished Grand Summus, making it such a special occasion for me.

I must congratulate those Companions who have received First Appointments or Promotion in Provincial Grand Senatus today. It has been an absolute pleasure to invest those present whilst I hope to invest those unable to be here today on my visits round the Province. I must also congratulate those to be honoured with Grand Rank in Grand Senatus on Thursday 2nd September 2021 and those chosen to receive 4th and 5th Grades, details of which are on our website. All these honours are extremely well deserved, so wear your regalia with pride and I expect you to continue to give your full support to our wonderful Order.

It is no secret that I am keen to promote greater visiting between Consistories and to this end I shall be making Official Visits to all four Consistories within my second year having been unable to do so last year, and inviting all my Active Officers and any other Companions to accompany me. As most of the Consistories do not operate ceremony rehearsals, I honestly believe that such visits could do nothing but help in improving the standard of ceremonies throughout the Province.

I must now thank two Companions who have contributed greatly to the success of today's meeting. Firstly, our Recorder Distinguished Companion Chris Eley. In my address last year I described his work rate as truly phenomenal and nothing has changed. Apart from his usual duties, Distinguished Comp Chris was the instigator of the Surrey Cord which we have now issued over the last 6 months so that we could keep in touch with our members during lockdown and I hope you have enjoyed its content.

I am so delighted that our Director of Ceremonies, Distinguished Companion Ian Parsons, is also with us today. You may not be aware, but he has health problems for which he is receiving ongoing treatment and if that wasn't enough, he is in the process of moving to Yorkshire. Thank you, Ian, for your support today, and I hope both your problems have happy endings. I shall be there to congratulate you when you receive 5th Grade later in the year.

At our last Annual Senatus, held as a Virtual Business Meeting, in my Address I stressed the importance of increasing the number of members in our Province. As a means of doing so it was my intention to visit all OSM Conclaves when our Right Worthy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler was making an Official Visit but sadly due to Covid19 only one visit was possible. However, at that meeting I was able to announce that Distinguished Companion Len Hillier had accepted my offer to take on the unofficial post of Scarlet Cord Representative for the Province and to prove his capabilities in the job he signed up two Candidates. Distinguished Companion Len always has plenty of forms available and is more than willing to help if any member has a potential Candidate interested.

I cannot stress the amount of help our Right Worthy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler has given us over the past twelve months to increase our membership and for that I am extremely grateful. Hopefully, in our working partnership we can come up with other ideas which could be to the benefit of both our Orders.

Companions, I am sure that with your support we can progress this Province from strength to strength. Finally, I wish you all well for the future and look forward to visiting your Consistories, enjoying your company again and, in particular, working together to further develop our Order May the God of our Fathers have you all and your loved ones in his Holy Keeping now, and evermore.

R. Dist. Comp Arnold Long
Provincial Grand Summus

18th August 2021

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